Art Interviews

Over the years, my artistic pursuits have often enabled me to engage with other talented creatives and luminaries in the  public space. Through these connections—in the context of visual art projects, educational collaborations, media interviews, and allied public engagements, I have thus been able to help educate and inform important audiences about significant aspects of civic culture, history, and the evolving challenges of our times.

Tom Peck

Tom Peck discusses the challenges of creating art during COVID. See Tom’s work here:

Ellen November

Central Coast fiber artist Ellen November discusses her inspirations and work during the pandemic. See her work here:

Peg Grady and Judy Johnson Williams

Leading California artists Peg Grady and Judy Johnson Williams muse about making art in the age of COVID. Peg’s multifacted creations can be found here: And you can find Judy here:

Corinne Lightweaver and Marsha Shaw

Leading West Coast artists Marsha Shaw and Corinne Lightweaver discuss their dynamic work and inspirations. See Marsha’s graphic arts and multimedia work here: And see Corinne’s awesome collage and assemblage works here:

Sean Carrillo

Pioneering Chicano photographer, multimedia artist and writer Sean Carrillo discusses the informing history of avant gaurde East Los Angeles art. Learn more about his work here:

Emma Saperstein

Emma Saperstein, currently art curator at the San Luis Obispo Art Museum and former head of the Cuesta College Harold J. Miossi Gallery, discusses contemporary art issues and trends. Find her here: