Migration To The Enchanted Garden

Rockefeller Brothers Fund Headquarters,  New York City, 2019

It’s Possible The Heart Can Regenerate Itself

Gallery of Graphic Arts, New York City, 2006


Saving The Wishing Well

Gallery of Graphic Arts, New York City, 2009

The Color and Texture of Dreams

Gallery of Graphic Arts, New York, 2003


Studios on the Park, Paso Robles, CA 2012



Studios on the Park, Paso Robles, CA, 2020

In late 2020, I partnered with the incomparable Sean Carrillo–photographer, painter, fashion artist, and early affiliate member of ASCO, the iconic Chicano art movement of the 1970s and 1980s, to mount a retrospective showing of Chicano photography at Paso Robles, CA-based Studios on the Park. See the show photos here as well as reviews in the prompts below; and also check out my video interview with Sean about the show and ASCO’s remarkable history in the Connections section of this website. 


E Pluribus Unum

Studios on the Park, Paso Robles, CA, 2017


In late 2017, I curated a well-attended and widely-discussed showing of California immigrant art at Studios on the Park in Paso Robles, CA. The show appeared at the onset of Donald Trump’s heinous, anti-immigrant policies separating families at the border and fomenting social animus and contributing eventually to the massacre of innocent Mexican and Mexican American shoppers at an El Paso, TX Walmart in 2019.