The Art of the Dreaming Horse

Every now and then, with the help of my wife and muse, Claudia Lenschen, I self-publish occasional catalogs featuring my paintings and drawings, along with written reflections that complement the visual imagery.

Our most recent collaboration from 2020, The Art of The Dreaming Horse, explores my identity as a visual artist, dating back to my earliest creative impulses, which were inspired in turn by my late paternal grandmother, Josefina Ramos.

Please peruse the handy digital flip version of the contents (offered here below) to glean new insights into my evolving creative impulses and purposes.

The contents focus on my adopted indigenous identity–The Dreaming Horse, and a complementary set of values and priorities that go with it, stemming from the teachings of the original peoples of the American Southwest and Mexico.

Click cover to open, turn pages at outside bottom corners